I Keen, You Keen, We all Keen for Nankeen

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Shanghai wasn’t just silly restaurant menus. We didn’t have a lot of free time there (well, about 26 hours which sounds like a lot but not when you’re as jet-lagged as we were) but I made the most of it. I made sure to pop over to the Chinese Printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall, which was an unbelievable place. I love fabric not quite as much as yarn, but still quite a lot, and this was heaven. My Blue Heaven.

I was there for as long as it took to decide between the 50-odd different patterns and spend the rest of my money. Now that I’m home (and don’t have to carry it halfway around the world), I’m regretting not finding an ATM and buying a LOT more. Because man, that’s some beautiful stuff. What will I make with it? I have some small gift ideas, but we’ll see if I can ever stand to cut into it.



Chinese Restaurant Fun

in 2011, I went on tour with an English orchestra to Shanghai and to Perth. While it was a long way to travel for just 3 concerts, I made sure to use any available free time to see as much as possible.

One night I went with one of the other musicians in search of a meal before our concert. It was a holiday, the Lantern Festival, and everyone was out and about and the restaurants were packed. We found one that had a) space and b) a menu with pictures and English (of a sort). The food was quite good once we found something to order that wasn’t too scary. But mostly we were just crying with laughter at some of the options on the menu. Sorry for the photo quality, I couldn’t get the camera to hold still.

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