IDFA, Raising Resistance

This was about small farmers in Paraguay being edged out by enormous international corporations with enormous GM soy crops. The soy is engineered to ensure resistance to certain weeds. However, after a year or two, the farmers have to start spraying for the few weeds that it will succumb to, and every year the weeds become more resistant so they have to use more and more pesticide. The poison spray blows over onto the small crops owned by the independent farmers and they lose their crops year after year. Interestingly, the soy crops are owned by Brazilian businessmen, so it has also become a nationalistic battle. The small farmers set up a protest commune with tents (a sort of Occupy Paraguay) but are soon forced out by a police decree.

As you can probably tell, this movie didn’t really move me. It was an interesting topic, and I’m very glad to know more about it, but the story-telling technique was very basic. Many interviews and shots of fields, without much imagination. We didn’t stay for the Q&A; I’m sorry to say that I’m glad I saw it, but wouldn’t recommend it in particular.


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