IDFA 2016, Liberation Day

I had never heard of Laibach, but M knew all about them. We went to a showing in Melkweg with a live concert by the band afterwards, which was a great way to experience them.
The film itself was fun and surreal, painting a very different picture of N. Korea than the last one we saw, ‘Under the Sun.’ The band seemed to have much more freedom to do as they wished, although it was fun to see the frustration and panic of the handlers. The toe-curling moments came when the sponsors cut almost everything that was fun and ironic in the show, much to the musicians’ chagrin. The director explained the chaotic inertia: ‘They have been trained from birth that it is dangerous to make a decision on their own. There must always be a consensus, which is why it is impossible to get things done or to make changes.’
The music was fun, ironic and the visuals were brilliantly done, lending a nice backdrop to the movie. When the band finally played, we were all ready to get up and dance, although it was impossible to in that space. They’re extremely creative and it was great fun to see them perform after having watched them as people for 90 minutes. Really nice evening.
8/10 for fun.


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