IDFA 2016, Amateurs in Space

I had been really looking forward to this one as a quirky tale of dreamers hoping to follow their mission of making a spaceship. Aw, how cute, they’re using plywood and a hairdryer. But, again, we soon saw that the subject was not charming bumblers, but about control and power.
Of course there were the charming personalities and the cute shots but we soon saw that the two main characters had some serious hierarchy issues. One said, “We were two male lions in a cage.” The other, who saw himself as the founder of the project, felt that the other was taking over and pushing him out. We, the viewers, saw no sign of this so don’t know if it was true or not, but as in so many things, it doesn’t actually matter. The truth is unimportant, what matters is that he felt the control was being taken away and so he had to leave. This was a movie where I started out liking the characters a lot more than I did at the end. A fun and yet pessimistic movie.


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