IDFA 2016, Gringo

10.15 is pretty early to go to the movies, but I’m so glad we did. Perhaps it’s to do with my own mindset, but everything I see lately seems to refer to the election, this film being no exception. The main character bears a stark resemblance to a certain unpleasant presidential candidate whose name I can barely bear to utter.
The film was an expose (is that the right word if it refers to things he’s already been accused of?) of the crimes and general nastiness of John McAfee. A rich, self-obsessed playboy with horrific sexual predilections, he moved to Belize where he bought off the police and set up his own banana republic. His paradise didn’t last long, however, as his hired thugs quickly made him the talk of the town and he was soon accused of murder. After fleeing illegally to Guatemala, he was deported back to the US, exactly where he wants to be. Belize has no extradition with the US and the FBI doesn’t dare touch him so he’s sitting pretty.
This is what is so infuriating about these people. They are somehow untouchable and they know it. It feeds their arrogance and makes it impossible to accuse them of anything except the tiniest crimes. His wrath, though, may be the thing that brings him down. The filmmaker, Nanette Burstein, showed us many of his unhinged, threatening emails to her. Brava to her for not backing down and here’s hoping that a powerless (female!) journalist may be the one to help bring him to justice.


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