IDFA 2016, France

Arggghhh. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how hard it is to escape ourselves. This was the fourth film of the day and it started at 10.15PM. I had just finished a French blah-blah-blah film and BAM, here comes another one. So, although I found this dull and full of hot air, on a different day I might have loved it. Hard to say. Also hard to say how much we missed, not being French. Accent, slang, vocabulary all play a huge role, completely lost in subtitles.
We watched pairs of people (sometimes couples, sometimes friends or family) enter a caravan and sit across from each other, talking about the most intimate and sometimes banal subjects. It was fascinating to see how they completely forgot the camera’s presence, but also fascinating how they, too, could not escape themselves. Some were complete caricatures of themselves and their conversations, as if they were reading from a script: “Uneducated young couple discusses buying baby clothes. Immigrant mother tries to convince daughter to get married instead of finishing studies.”


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