Home again, home again. Jiggety jig.

In February 2009, I spent another gruelling week in a convent in northern Italy. We rehearse in a Renaissance ballroom, sleep in monk’s cells and eat in the fabulous dining room. It’s a tough life.


We had long days of rehearsals but a few hours free in the afternoons and I went for walks in the hills above the convent with lovely views of the Dolomites.


On Friday we flew to Madrid and had a concert there on Saturday in the Teatro Real, THE opera house in Spain.


I prepared for the concert by going to one of my favorite museums on the planet, the Prado. And saw some of my favorite paintings on the planet: Rogier van der Weyden‘s Descent from the Cross:

Hieronymus Bosch‘s Seven Deadly Sins:

and the gorgeous furniture in the main halls:

I also enjoyed my little walk around Madrid, passing right by the Royal Palace:

The concert wasn’t great but was broadcast live on the radio, SURPRISE! Listeners said it sounded good, though. The next morning we bussed three hours to Valladolid for a second concert that night. It went much better, if you could ignore the 4 members of the orchestra turning green and rushing off stage during the applause — big flu epidemic among us. Luckily, yours truly was not affected. The 7.30AM bus ride back to the airport was filled with fun and excitement:


2 thoughts on “Home again, home again. Jiggety jig.

  1. What an amazing trip. Actually, it’s very refreshing to hear that you are not jaded and offhand about the whole European thing. You just keep forcing me to add places and things to my to-do-and-must-visit list! I especially love the chandelier in the first picture.

    Do you speak Spanish, Italian or French?


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