IDFA 2016, The Cinema Travellers

Full of high hopes for the first IDFA film of the year and yet a bit disappointed. Started with a beautiful close-up of a very old-fashioned projector but just kept on with that theme and not much else. The film focused (ha) on three different “show-men,” traveling portable cinemas in India (which part?). One cinema was big business, with many men working on it and one big boss who was good at issuing orders. A second was located in an ancient truck falling apart from rust whose door was held on with old film. And the third character was a projector repairman, proud of his mechanical abilities and inventions.

As we followed these characters, we could see the demise of the traveling cinema although there was hope at the end in the guise of an Epson digital projector. I had a small feeling of discomfort as we giggled at the quaint natives trying to figure out how to hook up the cables, but one does wish them the best. Not the best and not really memorable.


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