IDFA 2014 #6: The Queen of Silence. 9/10

Boy, was this a toughy. A beautiful portrayal of a deaf-mute Roma girl living with her family in the shantytowns of Wrocława. Despite her deafness, she can hear music and dances along with Bollywood films on TV. She is beautiful and challenging, very determined and stubborn but also full of wonder. Beautiful scene when she gets fitted with a hearing aid and first hears wind, dogs barking and her friends calling. No interviews, also fly on the wall, but she dances willingly for the camera. Some beautifully filmed huge Bollywood dance scenes with Roma and Poles together. Family decides that the stupid one is too difficult and take her back to Romania, leaving behind her hearing aid, to leave her with family. Unbearably sad and heartbreaking. How can we help this girl?
Beautiful film and director was proud and teary about what she had created. She also hopes the film will help Denisa Gabor.


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