IDFA 2014 #5: Beats of the Antonov. 7/10

Marco joined me for this one, a European premiere with the director in the audience. Also no voice-overs but many direct interviews, this movie dealt with the aftermath and the musical result of the civil war in the Sudan. Shockingly, I knew almost nothing about what’s been happening.
The major point of the movie is that the northern Arabic majority tries to control the tribal African (black) south. Now South Sudan has split of but the conflict remains. The black tribes have created their own music with rebellious texts to try to preserve their own culture. Known as Girls’ Music, everyone can invent their own lyrics and melodies and they soon become anthems, sung by everyone in dance marathons that can last for hours, accompanied by rebaba (a plucked harpy thing made from waste) and drums.
Most interesting quote from a girl black as night:
“War is both good and bad. Good because it makes people appreciate and develop their own culture. But look at these boys, they’re so young, how can they be going to war to fight?”


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