IDFA 2014 #4: That Sugar Movie 6/10

Editor’s note:

One of the most wonderful things about living in Amsterdam (a city filled with wonderful things) is the recurrence of IDFA every November. The International Documentary Film Festival provides me (and others, no doubt) with a major hit of our drug of choice, film documentaries. I’ve been an addict since 2010 and most years I make it to an average of 10 films. This series documents (ha) my extremely subjective reviews of each film I saw. Take it with as many grains of salt as you need.

Everything ‘The Great Museum’ lacked in bells and whistles, TSM had in spades. Graphics, mini films, animations, talking cereal boxes, dream sequences, pie charts, interviews, voice-overs, stop-motion sequences, everything was pulled out of the box.
If you saw ‘Super Size Me,’ you can just translate ‘fast foor’ into ‘sugar’ and you’ve got exactly the same movie. Damon goes from a sugar-free diet to eating the same amount of sugar per day as the average Australian, 40 tsps. He does this not by adding sweets and cakes bit by eating the same amount of calories but in prepared foods. And he does this with seemingly healthy foods – juices, low-fat yogurts, muesli etc. horrifying how much hidden sugar there is in everyday foods. He gains 8kg and 10cm in 60 days. Funny, fun and horrifying.


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