Prague 2010, Trip Report 1

In 2010, my partner M spent a month working in Prague and I went to join him for a long weekend in November. Prague is a truly beautiful city and we were lucky enough to have blue skies and white snow, which made it a complete fairyland.

We started our day off by going to Manes (?), a paradise of bells and whistles and lights and things with moving parts. It was heaven for both kids and the young at heart. We spent about 2 hours there, exploring all the diverse exhibitions.

We crossed the Vltava over into Mala Strana and got into the queue for the tram up Petrin Hill. We waited so long and the journey was so unimpressive that we were quite sorry we hadn’t just walked up. But we got our exercise, as we climbed the imitation Eiffel Tower at the top and got the world’s most fabulous view of the gorgeous city around us. Upon descent, we got mulled wine and then slid down the mountain towards the castle and the Charles Bridge.

We were aiming to reach the Old Town square for the 5.30 lighting of the Christmas tree but so was everyone else and his/her brother/sister. It was a madhouse but we did manage to find a spot not too far from the tree which was fine until proud papas hoisted their toddlers on their shoulders, blocking our view. But we still enjoyed the light display when it finally appeared. By that point we were COLD so we went to a beer hall to warm up and then went to find dinner, a very typical meat/potato affair. It was a lovely day.


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